Ok, I sware to you this is my final thread on this. Lol.

Ok, so basically, which guitar do you think is of higher quality?

Differences between the two is one has Mahogany and the Loomis has Ash. The Loomis has one volume knob while the Hellraiser FR has a Vol/Vol/Tone setup. The Hellraiser is also going to have EMG 707-TW pickups. I figured if I got a Loomis it wouldn't really matter, because if I wanted I could change them to Blackouts anyway. The only reason I'm not dead set on a Loomis is because it only has one Vol knob, If it had a tone knob I'd be completely on it.

So, opinions?

Sorry about another one of these posts again!

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They are both of the same quality, its just the Loomis is more because its a signature. I personally would get the HR since its cheaper and just as good quality.
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