I love my Les Paul. I am sure I'll get another guitar soon and the prospect of a second LP is the stuff of dreams. However, would I be wasting my money? I mean, how different can two Les Pauls sound? Would two LPs be a touch too much?

I was thinking of an SG or a Fender Strat, but I've heard bad things about both of them. So should I opt for another gorgeous Gibson or get a killer amp to compliment the LP I already own?
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What amp do you currently own?
If it's not really up to scratch you should deffinately invest in a new one.
Good guitar + plus bad amp is worse than Bad Guitar + Good Amp.

I jst saw ur gear list...it's completely up to you...to Lp's would never go amiss :p
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Get an SG, they are much better
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You could always check out Paul Reed Smith guitars, I have the Custom 24 and they are AMAZING. I think it would complement the LP nicely.
I've played both the Les Paul and the SG, and I own an SG. SG's are great guitars. I think owning a Les Paul and an SG would kick ass.
if youre going to buy a new guitar (and can afford it) then i definately reccommend making tha step up to prs. you wont regret it. alternatively, get a strat (or something else with single coils) that will be a bit different to your lp

if you want to get a new amp, then you HAVE to try out an orange (any model minus the crush) i bought a tiny terror recently and intend to never use another manufacturer again, i love it that much

p.s. you hear bad things about all gear, so ignore that. sg's and strats are both VERY nice

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Owning two LP's may be a touch too much. Depending on your musical tastes, a Strat could be a good bet. With the amount you seem to be able to spend (you have a 2K LP) you could get a very decent american Strat (about 1K)

That being said, a new amp wouldn't hurt you, and would probably allow you to get the best sound out of your current guitar.
If you want a new guitar mate opt for something different like the strat u mentioned coz no matter wot u say from a les paul 2 sg 2 flyin v all gibson based around tht 2 humbucker design u will get really jus slight tonal differences although u hae a nice new guitar with different shape wats the point.

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Ive never used a Peavey before. I've heard their decent though, my school uses them (...)*

A Les Paul standard is good, but are you saving/saved to buy another Standard or buy something like a vintage?

*The Marshall MG doesn't need to be said... they're hated on UG

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some good points there, thanks a lot.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

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Contrary to what people have told you about strats, they are fine instruments, I love mine.
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Get an SG, no they're not necessarily better, but they are different and if I had both an SG and LP I'd jizz myself.

Or get a Strat or Tele or ES335, diversity ftw!
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I have an SG, which is good. I also owned a Les Paul Epi before that. Currently I have my friends Squire Strat and I find I am able to get much different sound than the other two guitars. My next guitar will most likely be a strat.
I'v an SG and an ESP Les Paul.
Very different guitars.
I'd still have a look at a strat, or even a tele.

Don't be scared of variation.
I say go for a Gibson SG or a Fender Strat. Both very good guitars (don't know what bad things you've heard about them.... but it 'aint true my friend) and are very different to your LP.
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well, not sure if you have a gibson lp or epiphone, either way, lets be honest, if everything else to one side, you you can afford it, go for it, if I could I would have loadsa les pauls stocked up.. customs, standards, limited editions and so on... if you have an epi upgrade, only you know what you can afford...strange question.. only you know the answer
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I've tried LP standards, and I didnt like the neck. THat's why I bought the SG '61 RI. Can't say anything about the tone on LP's though, its great.

out of interest was it a 50's or 60's , what were the inlays. what year was it from..
compensate- with the money you seem to be able to spend, get a lower end Stratocaster (even though they're still really nice) and a decent tube amp, like a twin reverb.

aww i wish i had money
SG is no way better than a Les Paul, sure they're lighter, but ****ing neck-heavy and they have painted necks. I hate them.
sold my sg special for a standard les paul... the tones, action and feel were much better.. you have a gibson lp already..? what one.. unless you are a collector why ?
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Contrary to what people have told you about strats, they are fine instruments, I love mine.

I agree, Strats are nice
I'd get a new amp. The valveking isn't doing your les paul justice at all.

After a new amp, I'd go with a great cabinet or another guitar.
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