i cant find any easy older acoustic music that is like Bob Dylan that is in regular tuning! Most of the old music is in drop D tuning, i want something old, and acoustic in regular tuning. Can someone help me out?
Most old music isn't in Drop-D. The only time I can think of where Dylan used Dropped-D was his blues stuff.

But how about Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Simon And Garfunkel (their stuff is easily transferable into an all acoustic arrangement), Joan Baez, some Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger (he was known as a banjo player, but also played 12 string guitar and the banjo stuff is still great for guitar).
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Alot of Bob Dylan songs are capoed. If you have a capo lonesome death of hattie carrol is pretty easy. Just kinda hard to remember the words.
play all along the watchtower its only 3 chords. Also try Bob Seeger, Donovan, Neil Young, Simon And Garfunkel(Their stuff is kinda hard). Pink Floyd has some easy acoustic songs ut aren't really like bob dylan. If you really want to play folk that isn't very hard check out Richie Havens.
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