I need lappytop advice- my ****e Dell Inspiron 6000 has finally died. The solder holding in the AC jack has melted into the unit... I got it fixed/replaced once for being loose but the problem in this case is clearly overheating which is a fundamental property of this laptop. I know I could probably get it fixed but eh, nothing it stopping it from overheating and it'll probably explode or something later anyway.


I use my laptop mainly for recording, homework, and internet access so something like this seems appropriate.


Has anyone had experience with it or even heard of it? The specs seem promising and reviews from 2005-2006 when it debuted call it reliable and efficient. Back then, however Internet access was an add on but it appears that they made it standard on the machine (right? double check for me).

Is there are concievable reason for me not to get it?