I cannot find a review or anything anywhere on it and im in the process of saving up for one...Anyone handled one of these or a Dellinger II for that matter?

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Caparison guitars are pretty damn awesome in general.

If you don't want a trem, but you do like low tunings, this is a pretty damn good choice.
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caparisons as a general are pretty hard to get your hands on, be it for try before you buy, or just in general finding a dealer
as Bonsaischaap said, no trem, but awesome for low tunings, and all round more recent types of metal, if you get me
Had three Caparisons so far.

A Dellinger in Nat. Mahogony, Original Sunset TAT (with mid-boost) and a Horus Iris Violet (affectionately christened Pete's Purple People Eater, used to belong to Pete Joseph). As a rule they handle drop tunings very well and have some of the nicest in-house stock pickups around.

In terms of neck profiles very similar to a Jackson (you'd expect that though) maybe a tad thicker. Comparing my Fusion Pro to the Horus they were very similar possibly about 1mm in it.
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