One of my jackass friends knocked over my epi les paul and it hit tile and the headstock broke almost completely off. So as of now I have no electric guitar and I don't know what to do. I can probably spend around 2000 give or take a couple 100. I have an awful little marshall mg10cd and I don't know if I should get a better amp (if i should give suggestions please) or I was thinking maybe getting a Gibson LP. Please help me out here.
make your asshole friend replace the one he broke, and then buy an even better one so you have two.
Get it fixed but get your friend to pay
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good thing youre getting some compensation.
I'd say try out a Gibson SG you could get one for a little over $1000 they're awesome! that'll give you some money left over to get a better amp.
i'd say make him pay for the guitar he broke and buy a better amp and guitar, just take the 350 and add that to your budget. i have a gibson LP studio and its amazing if you are really a fan of the les paul i'd reccomend buying it. but you coulkd probably afford both i got my gibson lp studio used with a case for 638. and i have a line 6 spyder 3 75 watt amp that was 285. you could afoord that if thats your budget. or even a new les paul could be in your price range, or a few stompboxe(unless you get a combo amp)
Make your jackass friend pay for it!
He broke it.
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A luthier can probably fix the headstock for like $100 maximum. Take the $350 anyway though and get a nice amp.
^sounds like a good i dea to me... i assume you play classic rock, so an ac 30, or an orange tiny terror would probably suit you well
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