Howdy UG, this is a song from my bands first EP soon to be recorded, just want to get some feedback on the songs first. This is the last track on the ep, kinda wanted an epic feel to it.

C4C applies, cheers for any feedback
Oh shi-

..You've got everything going for you with that. That was brilliant.
i absolutely loved that

minor problems
-key mabey?
-solo, makes things hella epic

amazing things
-i dunno why but i loved the drums on this they were great
-the way it started was great
-just all the way through amazing

over all
easy 10/10
but make that solo
and it could be like 15/10

btw what are your influences for this?

c4c? link in sig
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You know when Attack Attack is ripping off your music, you're onto something

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Cheers for the crits everyone! Much appreciated

envoy, this entire song started out with me messing about trying to learn Parkway Drive songs by ear, and thats where the main theme came from, so i guess you could say Parkway Drive was my main influence in writing this piece.
it's an excellent song, very professional sounding, especially compared to your other stuff it's a great leap forward, - which makes me wonder how much of it is due to sticking close to the Parkway Drive -stuff. You obviously had their song "Carrion" and others as a template, and some parts remind us very blatantly of this fact (and no offense intended, I see that it's no ripoff, the riffs are remodeled enough - take it as a compliment from someone who loves Parkway Drive, and you know the deal about imitation and the highest form of flattery...)

There isn't much else to say on the technical side: The "G" in the last pulloff section, bar 10, should be a G#.
And in the "Riff 2" stuff, you may want to consider playing the


like this


as it is easier on the fingers and doesn't quite sound like "Carrion" so much ?

Like others already said, a solo would put the cherry on top of this thing. If you'll allow, I may see what I could conjure up on this.
^ by all means go for it, see what kind of leads you can come up with

As you say carrion was somewhat of a template, and i was VERY apprehensive at first cos i thought it sounded *too* alike, but the other guitarist in my band (whos a massive PD fan himself) gave it a listen n came to the conclusion that it was original enough to avoid being a ripoff.