Hey, I recently brought my strat to the shop to fix it up a little bit. It is semi-custom built, I bought a new neck and pickups for it, among other things, which I put on myself. The pickups were fine for a while, then I started getting alot of buzz from them, which is when I brought the guitar to the shop.
Long story short, Now my neck position pup (I have a Dimarzio YJM in the neck, empty middle, and a Dimarzio Steve's Special in the bridge) is about twice as quiet as my bridge pup. I also noticed that it's also about twice as low (space between it and the strings) and my bridge one, so I was wondering if me the raising it will increase the noise it gives off. I want to find out from some of you first before I try it because last time I tried to do something with my guitar I had to take it into the shop soon after. Any help/suggestions appreciated
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