whenever i play for for people they tell me to sing....then when i do they're like, nevermind!!! also i get really nervous when playing for people.

so basically is there like some vocal riff? or lines or whatever i can practice, and is there a better way to get over that nervousness without blowing it in front of groups of people a million times before i getting over it. or am i just a wee b1tch
I no exactly your pain. I guess just practice singing along to things, make sure you focus on hitting the right notes, if you can't hit the high note, go low, like you can with guitar.

It wont be overnight, i've been trying for five years, and only the other day did someone say I could sing well.

EDIT: Don't know about nervousness though.
you're a wee b*tch.

kidding. you have to explain the problem of your vocals if you want someone to give you tips...

as far as nervousness, just screw around. if you mess up a key, keep messing up and make a fool of yourself. even if no one else laughs. humor yourself. that's what i do.
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I had the same problem a few years back, I just sang as much as I could everyday and really concentrated on the right notes

People used to tell me I had the voice of someone suffering from a chainsaw hernia, but now everyone's asking me how I manage to sing like I do.

I tell the "It's just practice, just like everything else" but they just dont believe me.

As for the nervousness issue, I found for me it got better the more I performed to people, even if it was a terrible gig. Just enjoy yourself and you'll naturally relax.

If you cant enjoy your own gig then your in the wrong line of work
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Try to sing along to stuff that has pretty incredible vocals . Jeff Buckley for instance or Bon Jovi and try to match what there doing. It wont be an other night thing. Alot of hard work. Also try vocal exercise.
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No, no, no. Don't ever try and imitate other people. You have to learn technique then apply it to basic things such as scales. Get a singing teacher for a few weeks to teach you the foundations.
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Well Im not a pro-singer by any means, but Ive been taking lessons for 5 years and one of the most important things is your breathing. You should always sing from your diaphragm, using as much power as you can but still maintaining the quality of your voice and hitting the right notes... Also If you have some way of recording yourself, it can be one of the most beneficial tools to you as a singer.
Ok i'm no frontman or whatever but i'd have to agree with the practice and also find a certain way of singing you know you really good at for example low and soft this is great in my opinion for acoustic songs. If you find a way you're good at singing just do that until you are no longer nervous but don't be afraid to explore different styles of singing as well
And if you screw up in front of people just mess around with your voice and laugh at it thats what i do and people don't bash me. ha not yet at least good luck!=)
srry one more thing if you want to try to sing along to incredible vocals i would suggest journey with steve perry specifically Don't stop Believing and Faithfully thats all!
Try and find a style that fits your voice more than what you like becasue you can build off of that. When I first started singing I had a deep voice for a girl so I did alot of Jazz and I've built up from there to be in the alternative band I'm in now. I'v been working for three years and I'm still trying to get a wider range. I can sing high now, but I can't hit a High C at all. And I've learned not to push it, so dont' over exert your voice because that will simply hurt and may even hinder it.

You can try scales and simple voice lesson tunes to try and improve.
Maybe you're a good screamer?
Really the only thing you can do is work at it. Take some lessons to the learn proper breathing techniques and exercises to work on pitch control.

Also, and this is very important, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Don't smoke, try to exercise regularly, and don't overwork yourself. You can really hurt yourself by trying to force out your sound.

You also have to start small. Learn easier songs first, then work up to harder ones just like on guitar. Once you have the technique down, you can start to write your own stuff and the sky's the limit.

So practice, relax, and don't get ahead of yourself.

Good luck, man

it's alright I know what you mean about being nervous, but it helps if you know your material realllyyy well, so you don't have to worry about messing up, keep practicing!!!

ohhh and remmember that if the people you were playing for were as awsome as you, they'd have the guts to do it themselves right?

&&about your voice,
it's hard to sing when your nervous because your voice gets tense and it helps to relax if you stretch and bend over and touch your toes:]:]hehe

before you sing you have to warm up your voice and drink water(it helps if you add lemon)
thats soo important you have noo idea, just listen to me, and never sing without warming up.
&&make sure you dont eat/drink milk, chocolate, ice cream, sweet things etc. an hour before you sing, that coats your throat and makes you sound bad.

to improve your vocal range so you can hit notes easily and warm up at the same you have to sing scales,
it's reallyyy fun:]

but the most important part is to be on pitch, try singing along to your favorite songs and hit all the notes, but make sure you don't pick songs with notes that you can't reach, and record yourself so you could see how youre doing,

and don't forget to sing from your diaphram, not your throat!!
or you'll loose your voice foreverr.

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i have the same problem its kinda wearing off what im doing is playing the guitar infrot of people and only singing in front of the band and get use to a small group then only sing a couple songs during the performance.then in a lil while i should b able to sing the whole performance.
GET A TEACHER! if you in highschool take advantage of it and get a damn teacher! if your a member of a church, chances are someone who can sing realy well goes there, talk to them.

DIAPHRAM! DO NOT SCREAM UNTIL YOU KNOW THE PROPER WAY! your kidding your self on singing if you try to scream just randomly, learn the proper ways. and until then......
curently composes with Guitar Pro 5. amazing peace of software. i'd recomend it. and Samplitude recording studio.

What exactly does 'singing from your diaphragm' mean?
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Last time i checked this wasn't the pit, so ease up.

As for the singing, keep practicing man, take lessons
singing from what i hear is 90% breathing. So maybe
take that into account.
Perhaps one of the worst things you can do is try to imitate someone. It's ok to want to learn how to sing songs that an incredible singer sings, but you have to use your voice. You can't have someone else's voice, no matter how hard you try. Learn to work with yours. Range comes very slowly, and you'll probably find yourself hitting some pretty horrdendous notes at first, but the best thing you can do, like everyone else said, is practice. Sing in the shower, or when no one is home, and focus on keeping a steady tone, staying in key, and on pitch. Recording yourself can be useful to find out if your perception of your voice is really what you think it is. I've met quite a few singers who constantly sing flat or sharp because they aren't aware of what they really sound like until it's coming out of a PA.
Just don't give up. Learn to laugh at yourself, and keep singing everywhere every day. The nerves will go away when you start to get better and gain confidence. Once you become cocky, youre ready to be a rock star.