Thanks for listening! I can agree with you about the solo, it's kind of slow. It was all improvisation anyways, I wanted to create some nasty tension around things. But yeah, it kind of slows it down.

Listening to your stuff now!
Good tune Dores, I dont realy have anything to add but I found myself banging my head and tapping my feet. What did you use to record with?
I played and Ibanez RG550 while the other guitarist (yes, two guitarists on the recording) played a Gibson Les Paul Studio with EMGs. Peavey 6505 head and Marshall cab, and an AT9400 mic, into my random soundcard and straight to audacity, no equalizing. I really like my tone raw and nasty.
They are simply drums recorded from Guitar Pro and with some reverb added (gVerb plugin for Audacity).