Hey everyone
I started (and thought i finished) a BMP from generalguitargadgets.com but it turned out that it was terrible and hasnt worked. It was so messy.
I have all of the more expensive off board componants such as an enclosure and everything. I'm wondering if i should just start the on board section over again or if i should just check everything and try that way?

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Of course you should check everything. You more than likely made a bad solder joint or put a component in backwards or something like that. Just go over the entire circuit piece by piece and pay close attention.

If your solder joint is not shiny, then that means it is a cold joint. Cold solder doesn't stick well to metal, and the electrical connection can fail. If the joints are not shiny, just touch them with the hot soldering iron until all the solder melts, and pull away. When they cool, they should have a shiny appearance.

It's important that you heat the metal lead to stick the solder to it. You're not pouring glue onto it. The metal has to be hot as well.
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