Hey everyone,
Recently i got a guitar with a floyd rose tremolo. I'm still figuring out how many springs i want inside of it. I'm currently using .10 gauge strings, and i have 3 springs inside of it (Next set of springs i'm going down to .9's, and hopefully less springs...) The trouble is... with 3 springs in, and i probably put it in wrong, but i cant move the wammy bar backwards..
Ive been told that you are supposed to be able to move the wammy bar both forward and backward (forward being towards the pickups). I cant seem to move it backwards.
Wondering what i should do!

Thanks for the help.
Well check, for a start anyway, for the obvious (but easily forgotton) routing under the bridge. If there is a cut out section that allows the bridge to arch backwards then it could be something else. But I don't see how having three springs should make any difference, it should be stiffer, thats all. Maybe I'm missing something. Have you got a pic of your guitar or the specs page?
I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be retracting backwards. How in line is the bridge with the guitar's body?
It's perfectly alligned

Idk, i guess i'll just wait until next string change and see if anything happened
My floyd has two springs and it goes backwards fine, maybe it is the springs. Sorry coudn't be any help.