O.K., so on my ibanez, it says the tremolo unit thing should be parellel to the guitar, and it wasn't, so i did what it said to do on Ibanez.com. you take the proective plate off the cavity that the springs are in, and tighten or loosen them. I was loosening the screws on the springs, and my tremolo started going back up, away from the guitar, but it went to far and when I try to tighten them, the tremolo still goes up.

The guitar is in tune, I've been checking it every five minutes or so, so thats not the problem. When I play, Iv'e noticed the action is higher, the strings feel more tense, and when I go to use the tremolo, or sometimes while im just playing, the strings will make a kind of ticking noise. and my tremolo is harder than usual to push down. what do I do?
pics or it didnt happen.

But seriously, pics would help tons.
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