Here is something I just started. I haven't written in a while and would just like a little feed back and suggestoins on where I can take this to get it finished.

As I stepped out into the night I saw him and said hey buddy can I get a light. Saw the flattop on his back We got to talkin and there was no turnin back. He pulled it around and said ya want a song. He sang about days long gone, lost loves and getting along. Songs of trouble songs of strife songs of misery and songs of life. Happy and sad good and bad. Just anything that he saw along the way. We finished our smoke. The song ended but he said something I remember to this day. Songs may be reds, greens, and other hues but the best way to live is in the blues

also any hints on chord structure would be appreciated

this is a repost I hope the post title change is ok for everyone the original post got locked
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