I've sort of accumulated a bunch of songs that I want to play, and I was hoping someone could tab at least one of them for me, as I can't find the tabs anywhere.

Aspirations- Between the Buried and Me
Polaris- The Human Abstract
Revelation- The Autumn Offering
The Day of Justice- All Shall Perish
The Dissentience- Protest the Hero
Recovery- Still Remains
The Song Remains Un-named- Silent Civilian
The Failsafe- Misery Signals
Tunguska- Darkest Hour

Some of these may be tabbed in Guitar Pro, but I don't have that, so if someone could simply transfer it to a regular tab, or Power Tab, that'd be nice, also. I think they're all in drop C, except Aspirations, the Dissentience, and possibly The Failsafe, which may be in C sharp.

Any help would be appreciated.
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There's already a tab for polaris (Youtube polaris and look for killrbuckeye I think), the dissentience (Powertab, look for Fredbaty on youtube), and I'm pretty sure there's one for like the intro to aspirations on 911 tabs
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you can torrent guitar pro you know.

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