1.) Jimmy Page (I know he isn't as good as others, but his song writing skills are amazing and he can still do impressive shredding)
2.) Jimi Hendrix (If it wern't for him, who knows what music we would be listining to)
3.) Yngwie Malmsteen
4.) Buckethead
5.) Ted Nugent/Keith Richards (Can't decide)

Great Har V!
this seems like a very stereotypical post^

anyway, theres like a hundred of these threads
Angus Young? Doesn't go at like 8456745457654476527249640551349 bpm but his riffs and solos and stage prescence are awesome
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this thread should be titled "favourite guitarists". then everyone is right.

here are my FAVOURITE guitarists:

=1. Jimmy Page
=1. Tony Iommi
=1. Angus Young
=1. Gary Moore
=1. Randy Rhoads

i have decided that i do not have a "number 1" so all my favs are "number 1". i have many other favs but i cant be bothered to list them all.
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