Hey guys,
So i recently started playing guitar. I'm already 18, but I love music so I figured I'd try learning some stuff. I bought a book called Guitar Method and followed that for a bit, but recently I've been looking at youtube videos and stuff (mostly Justin Sandercoe) and learned to play songs.

I had a few questions. First, my mom got a guitar when she was young so I've been using that, but it's pretty old and I'm debating whether to get another guitar, steel-stringed probably. My hands are somewhat small and it's been a little difficult trying to get a few chords on this guitar, so if I were to get a new one, is there a specific model which might be easier for me? And what's the best place to get a guitar?

Additionally, if I get a new guitar, should I stick with acoustic or try getting an electric guitar? I probably prefer electric, but I'm not sure if I should get one yet.

Lastly, in terms of learning stuff, should I mainly focus on chords or do a mix of chords and notes? Recently I've just been doing chords, but there are a bunch of riffs with notes that I'd like to learn as well.

If anyone could just give me a little bit of advice I'd be really appreciative. Thanks.
Buy an electric guitar. Maybe like a Fender Squire or something that is smaller. And do chords and notes bc just chords IMO is not rly that fun
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When buying a guitar go to shop and try it out and see how it feels to play, and its up to you if you get electric or acoustic, as your a beginer maybe a squire or a stagg electric or acoustic will do you good if you need anymore help PM me.
subscribe to guitarworld. read it front to back. read anything about guitars you can get your hands on. play any music you find or hear. or at least try to. have an acoustic and an electric. get a teacher. play with everybody you know. play with people you dont know. listen to everything. play chords. play notes. play scales. play riffs. harmonics. read music. play to backing tracks. etc/.
well what i recommend is the Epiphone Sg Starter pack its pretty good just slap some new strings on it and the guitar is awesome the amp it comes with is good for beginners and the guitar suites most styles of playing which is awesome
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I just started playing about 7 months ago and started with a really cheap guitar and then bought a squire and i kinda wish i had bought the squire to begin with it makes learnining and getting the feel for it alot better. I would just buy a squire they are only around 150 dollars and are really nice.

I would go into a shop around where you live because most guitar stores offer free service on guitars youve bought from them unlike a place like muscians freind online.
OK. Thanks a lot, I'll look at the guitar center near me. In terms of notes, I'm having trouble finding places to learn songs that have riffs comprised of notes. I've tried using tabs, but a lot of the stuff I've found looks really intimidating and I can't understand some of it.

I like bands like U2, Midnight Oil, and really a lot of alternative bands. Does anyone have a good song I can learn to play the notes of (not the chords), and where can I learn it? Thanks.
Acoustic is harder on the hands, but at the same time it teaches u to push down harder on the strings. Agreed with nightraven, buy an electric if u like it better. I cant reccomend a specific model but try out guitars and find out what feels best
Squiers play well, just be careful with the neck. I'll bet I need a new neck on mine, since I warped it and no amount of truss rod adjusting will fix it.
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The acoustic is harder to learn on, but builds better technique. If you're flustrated or simply want a guitar better suited to the music styles you enjoy, go ahead and buy an electric.