My band just released first full-length EP. It is a three-hour long funeral doom metal masterpiece about the not-eternal feeling of choking to death and the eternal feeling of self-torment that follows, split into two hour-and-a-half long songs... the album's title is "18-1". We are Pentuhgrahm, on Island Records. Our songs are so depressing you will want to walk away with your head down in shame before it's even over, and then maybe go curl up in a corner and use your tears as a lubricant while you... well most UG'ers do that anyway, no need to go any further. Uh... we do not use the internet to stream our music, you can listen to and purchase our ep at http://www.penisland.com/
Studies have shown that 92% of guitar players are close-minded. Copy this into your signature if you're part of the 8% who enjoy rap.
Almost funny.
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i love green day,sure they're mostly power cords but for begginer,good they are
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Spent too much time in the talk like Yoda thread, you have.