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Well, the title kindof explains it. You know the bands you just listen to all the time at the moment.

Feel free to tell us your favorite songs/album and such.

Mine would have to be:

Metallica (Especially the old stuff)
Tool (Lateralus, 10,000 days and Aenema)((Push it live = Bliss, check it out.))
Eagles (Long Road out of Eden)
Godsmack (You know it)

In Flames (Come Clarity, mostly)
Korn (Go ahead, flame me)
Led Zeppelin (Mothership foo')

All played frequently on my iPod on the bus to school.

Anyway, this has probably been overdone loads of times, if so my apologies, but hey; we need a new one.
animal collective is exciting me right now
and ive been really into radioheads OK computer lately.

oh and the brand new untitled demos.
Oh god knows, but i just bought IOH and im listenin to that alot atm.

But Guns n' Roses, Metallica, Bullets and octane and jeff buckley never take long to get played!
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Kiss, Queen, Zeppelin,
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At the time,

Death Cab for Cutie (Plans, Transatlanticism, both great albums, can't wait for their new one)
Muse (Showbiz, just bought Absolution)
Alexisonfire (Watch Out, Crisis)
Incubus (A Crow Left of the Murder)
Radiohead, Muse, and Pink Floyd will always be my favorite bands. But at the moment, I am really in love with Arcade Fire.
The hold steady, weezer and lemuria are three bands I'm really listening to now.
There's been WAY too many favorite band threads lately. But anyway...

Citizen Cope.

And I can't stop listening to Sideways by Cope ft. Carlos Santana
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Pantera Sodom Slayer Anthrax Metallica Megadeth and Iron maiden
my mp3's speakers get broken for the too loud sound xD
alexisonfire-self titled
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Tool (Any album), Chili Peppers, RATM, SOAD, Manson, and lately I've been listening to some Thrice stuff.
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Right now, Mastodon and Black Label Society. Bit heavier than what I usually listen to.
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Metallica but I haven't been listening to them much at the moment. I've been listening to much more Slayer. System Of A Down and Dethklok too.
I have recently gotten into Damone, an awesome band with alot of 80's influences; Dance Gavin Dance, an amazing post-hardcore(?) band with one of the best singers out there; and Killswitch Engage, who also have an amazing singer.

Since I heard Deathcar I've been really into them, a lot of their stuff is a lot screamier and heavier than you'd expect from the guy from Busted.

*puts up flameshield*
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red hot chili peppers
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Quote by sidvicious182
animal collective is exciting me right now
and ive been really into radioheads OK computer lately.

oh and the brand new untitled demos.

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Bullet for my Valentine. God, Tuck's voice gives me tingles.

Nirvana and Probot. They were recommended by someone recently and I love it.

Foo Fighters. [Best of You] Really good as always.
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Muse have been my favourite band for like....2 years now.

One small thing that I love about them, is that I honestly think about 90% of their b-sides are good enough to be album tracks, some of them even singles.
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Lately, Sonata Arctica and Cross Canadian Ragweed.
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Well Fortress has been playing on my mp3 player since it came out but I have also been listening to Thrice, Brand New, Boards Of Canada, HORSE the band and quite a bit of hardcore stuff lately.

I picked up The Silent Circus by BTBAM the other day too so I am listening to that.
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At the moment, Coheed & Cambria, Muse, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Megadeth and I'm getting into Paul Gilbert (which is good because in May I'll be seeing Satriani and Gilbert live).
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Right now it'd have to be..... Protest the Hero, mostly because of Fortress

That, or 3, because of The End Is Begun
right now i'm listening to mr. t experience. so. the mr. t experience.

my top bands of all time are:

the dead milkmen
the presidents of the united states of america
the mr. t experience
the pixies
At this time, it is Evile.

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