With the help of the denizens of the pit, I've come to the decision to buy a new set of pickups, and was wondering what you guys would recommend.

My budget will be around £300 max, and I play a lot of metal, any help would be brilliant.

if you're spending that much, i would suggest bare knuckle pickups
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Go for some BKP Warpigs or something. The Holy Diver and the Nailbombs are pretty high output. Check out Dimarzio pickups too. The D-Activators and the Breeds are pretty cool too.
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I say a Bill Lawrence 500XL for the bridge, and maybe a DiMarzio Full Shred for the neck. Since you have so much money tho, maybe try a Gibson Dirty Fingers bridge and maybe a 490r or a Burstbucker Pro.
id go passive pickups if you got a mahogany guitar. That wood sounds so heay and killer low end with good passives.
Seymour Duncan Dimebucker, maybe.
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no dont do that whatever you do. I got a dimebucker in one of my rg's. That was the most wasted money ive ever spent. Its so muddy and no mids. I hate that thing. I mean it does what it says it'll do. It can give you that screaching trebly dimebag tone. But **** that.