Hey, I'm new here and I've been playing guitar for like two years.

I have a Washburn WV16, and imo it's pretty good actually. I can get a pretty cool sound with it if I have the right amp. I have a 15w Randall amp that I find sucky, even though I get a pretty good sound with it, it's just that I'd never record with it or playing live with it. Now to my question:

If I'm buying a set of EMG 81's for like €200, on a guitar that I bought for €200 from the beginning, is it worth the money? Is it going to give me a better sound even though I have a crappy amp? I thought about it this way: I can buy a set of EMG's, and when I buy a new guitar like next year or so I can easily transfer them to the new guitar.

But I'm not sure if it's just better to wait to buy the EMG's until when I'm buying a new guitar, or if it's going to effect my current guitar with a positive effect even though I have a crappy amp?

Hope you all understand my quesiotn. I'm a little tired and stuff, so if something is unclear, just ask me. Thank you.
They won't help as much as you hope. Your amp defines AT LEAST eighty percent of your tone.
Get a new amp; the EMG's won't make such a big affect on your tone with that amp of yours. On the other hand, if you get a new amp, your tone would change drastically!

What music do you play anyway?
ive heard that EMGs work well thru a tube amp..
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Ya...EMG's don't really do too well with Solid States...
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Thanks for your replies. That's what I thought, the amp does it all, hehe. I had the cash for a Peavey Bandit II, which is supposed to give you pretty good sound, but I said to myself "What the hell, I'll buy it another time" and then I spent the cash on other stuff. Stupid of me, I know.

Do you guys know a pretty good amp that can deliver a powerful sound for maybe €200-€250 until I can buy a more expensive one? I play most hard rock/metal with pretty much alot of distortion.