I have around £250 to spend on a guitar.

I was going to go for an Ibanez RG321EX but I want to see what other people would buy with the money,

So any suggestions?
i think the ibanez is good. my first guitar is an Ibanez RG120, probaly not as good as theone u want, but i love it. im still using it (cuz i cant get another one ] but i think the Ibanez would be great. EMG pickup, thats a + also. (althoguh i never used one b4. i heard some good things about it)
damn, why didnt i see that b4 i bought my guitar, i think i like the RG321EX better than mine :p wanna trade? LOl
It's a good guitar and pretty much all the RG's tend to be good prices. If you like it then get it.
Not taking any online orders.