Hey guys, just a quick question. A friend and I are playing acoustic guitar for a talent show this week in an auditorium. Now, I figured that the acoustics by themselves wouldnt be loud enough, so my teacher suggested we use stand mics...any idea if this will sound right? Thanks
i always thought you had to use electro-acoustics..id never thought of using a mic before..
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A regular mic would be ok, but a condenser mic would be better. Honestly, i think that using a stand mic would sound better than using an amp would.
ok thanks guys, that really helped. I would use a condenser mic, but our school doesn't have them, and I don't have the money...for using stand mics, does it matter how close or far the guitar is from the mic?
When you get into the real good acoustic players, such as hardcore bluegrass players like Tony Rice, a stand mic is all that is used, ever. So, it obviously sounds good. Biggest problem is that you can't have a noisy stage and you can't move around. If you have bass amps and drums and stuff right next to you, that can easily be picked up through the mic. This is kind of why you need to be right up next to the amp too... if you get too far away and they have to turn up the gain, it picks up too much stuff.
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you're gonna want the mic pretty close to the soundhole. as close as is still comfortable.


you want the mic to be about 4"-6" away from the 18-20th fret

i donno if you have a budget, but you could buy a drop in acoustic pickup for your guitar and then just plug in.... that would be much much better then using a standard mic.
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Yeah, its just two acoustic guitars, so there wont be any drum or bass noise in the background, and we're gonna be sitting, so we wont be moving around...oh, and for the suggestion of a pickup, i would, but the talent show is in 4 days, so i don't really have time. Well, thanks for all the quick responses!
Make your own acoustic guitar pickups! they are mad easy to make and sound pretty good. for only $6 worth of parts and less than an hour of labor its the way to go. If you dont want to drill your guitar you can always mount it on the outside under the bridge.


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Just X/Y the mics about 1-2M in front of you both and sit next to each other then you'll get a good mix of both guitars? That's what I'd do.

Otherwise yeah you want the mics pretty close to the guitars and make sure you have a decent sound-person to mix them decently so it doesn't sound like crap.
If you do the stand mic thing, just remember to not move much. Find the sweet spot during a sound check then don't move around from that point. That goes for your voice as well. It's easier to get away from the mics than you might think, especially if the mic is very directional.
You will can set the gain of the mic a little hotter if your not going to be right on top of it.

Could you possibly rent a condenser mic?

Another possible option might be to use a clip on lapel mic, I have had some luck doing that.
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It's easier to get away from the mics than you might think, especially if the mic is very directional.

Good point as well, If you use an omnidirectional mic you have a little more flexability,ie if you say turned slightly to talk to your partner while playing the mic will still pick you up. If you use a unidirectional mic your sound may not be picked up if you move alittle.

Hope that makes sense
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