For the past few months I've mostly played in D Standard, and it's pretty much become a part of my sound. So now that I'm getting into jazz, I was wondering... is there any reason I should tune back up to E Standard rather than stay in D? Just wondering if it's not kosher or anything. Thanks.
If you're reading charts, no it wouldn't matter. If you're trying to play a tab of a jazz tune, the piece will probably be written in standard.
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You can't write a chart for another tuning of guitar, the same notes will be written. Also, I'm not sure of any jazz tunes that are written in tab, at least if you are playing with a group. I know that there is tabbed jazz but tab is useless for a group since the guitar player is the only one who will read it. It's up to the guitarist to know where the notes are if you choose to have a different tuning. Depending on what the specifics of your tuning is, you may have to adjust chord voicings.

As far as not being kosher, do your thing if it works for you. The vast majority of jazz guitarists play in standard but don't be afraid to break the mold. You just have to make it work well for you. If you can't make it work well, go back to standard.
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Well, there aren't generaly jazz tabs, but still, there's no reason to play jazz tuned to D. The whole point of tuning to D is so you can hit those lower notes/ chords, but in jazz, chords are generaly played in a higher register because lower chords tend to have a muddier sound.
Good thing I can read chart, eh? And I know the notes in D...
The reason I tune to D is the fuller, deeper sound I get, not necessarily the lower chords.
Thanks all. If I run into something where I have to tune up I'll go standard for jazz (or use a capo), but I know the notes in D, so I'll stick to that for now. Thanks!
As long as you know the notes and have fret access unimpaired, I don't see why not. No serious jazzer would be caught dead with tab anyway.

Just keep in mind that the full, rich sound guitar players love to get by tuning down can easily get in other instruments' way.