ok, i know that this does not really pretain to guitars, but i figured that someone here would be able to help me pick an amplifier to be used in this schematic

i am trying to make some rope lights or maybe even Christmas lights i have be able to react to music..

the capacitors comming from in are .047uf , and i was trying to use them to make it so that the music stays in sterio.. if they wont do that can you suggest something for me that will?

i dont need anything to change tone, so no high/mid/low or anything like that, only thing that it would be nice to control would be volume to make lights dimmer/brighter

if everything looks fine in the drawing, could you tell me a name of an amplifier that would work?

also, do i need to use something to convert amp out from DC to AC? if so what do i use?

just take the lights and hook it up to the stereo out jack. the positive to the positive and the negative to the negative. its been done to cars, they take just an amp that usually powers subwoofers and instead of speakers just hook up rope lights. its a realy sweet effect and ppl will want to ride in ur car to see the pretty colors.
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so would an amp like the little gem work fine? or does it need to be higher wattage?
like a dmx set up?
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so would a little gem amp work? i was thinking of taking my little gem, and using it for the amp, and make a ruby amp for playing
I don't really understand what it is that you're trying to do, but if you want a standard low wattage audio amplifier, I wouldn't suggest a little gem or ruby, as they're designed for guitar (gain and such), you might consider the cmoy.

useful link

serves me well enough as a headphone amplifier.
im looking to take the headphone input, and let it pass through to sterio, but also go to an amp to power lights (the lights go along with the music)... i just am wondering how big of an amp i would need to build