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I'm required to write a 12 bar blues song for my guitar class. we're supposed to use the standard 2h4 repeated. . like we all know as a very simple blues pattern, also used in the Grateful Dead song: Truckin'

if anyone can give me something more original sounding for the 12step blues pattern itd be great. ill use it to build a song around.

ps. as long as its still 12 bar blues, feel free to go outside the box. =]. any 12step riffs or chords would be appreciated.
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so you wanna make a 12 bar, and the rhythm is already layed out for you? So what are you asking us for?
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do you mean 12-bar blues?
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alright, i think i managed to decypher what you said. You could do it in 5/4.
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Make a standard 12 bar blues in E for example:


And solo around it in the E minor blues scale.

Check out The Jack by AC/DC or some Robert Johnson numbers.