Hey, so yeah ive sumbited 2 tabs about 2 weeks ago and have had no feedback on them at all from the site, on my contirbutions page it has the songs with "D" in the status bit and Im not sure that, that means deined, cos I know I got one completey right and the other I got one or two parts wrong but was going to edit them.

Im pretty new to UG so I was just wondering if anyone could help me with this
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The D means they were denied.

No way! Cant I edit them or anything?
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No way! Cant I edit them or anything?

I wish. Same thing happened to me man, but life goes on.
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They were denied... Are there perhaps 4000 other versions of tabs for these songs? Look 'em up

No I have one of the tabs is All My Life by the Foos and I think there are 4 or 5 versions of it, there is one 5 star version but its wrong and the way i tabbed it is all completely right, weird that they would deiny it, and gay ¬¬ took me ages to tab it all out.
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