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I drink, I don't smoke.

I'm not really a social drinker, I just do it to get messed up at the weekends.
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Never smoked, never drank. I don't plan to ever do either. I don't care if others do, and plenty of my friends do drink and/or smoke, but I don't want to.
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I rarely drink by myself, other than that I'm just a social drinker. I also hate smoking. I can barely stand to be around people who smoke.
drink, and used to smoke. Sometimes still smoke when im drunk or drinking lol

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i don't do either. i'm not against it or anything, i've smoked weed before; i just don't want to waste my money or get addicted to alcohol or anything.
I'm not old enough but if I could I'd drink a little bit but not smoke, I remember I saw a guy in hospital with his voicebox removed because of smoking, like the advert
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I drink beer and liqour, smoke pot, hallucinogens are fun, hate pills, hate cigarettes, have a Black every now and then during social events.

I love being young.
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I only drink, I have smoked a little while when I was younger to look cool but then I realised it only made me look like an idiot and I quit
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I had my first booze in a moth this week.

It tasted goooooooood. Except the Japanese beer I had in a japanese restaurant on Saturday. Asians can't brew beer.
Drinks in moderation once or twice a month.

It'd be interesting to see how many UGers are underage smokers/drinkers in their respective countries...

I've never smoked, and have had about three units of alcohol in my life. I've never tried weed, though one guy offered me some once. I still don't understand why I said no.
I inject.

Nah, I drink at parties, I've tried cigars, Primetimes, they just don't do it for me. No taste, and I don't feel much. Weeds the way to go for me.
Other then the occasional Smirnoff here and there I dont drink, smoke, or do drugs.

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I occasionally drink, smoke fags and smoke bud.
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It'd be interesting to see how many UGers are underage smokers/drinkers in their respective countries...

I have been for the last 4 years... I'll be legal this year though.
All three, and I'm happy as can be
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I drink and smoke the odd cigar every now and again. Never smoked cigs because I hate the smell and I'm usually broke enough as it is without having to put money aside to buy weed.
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All of the above. I enjoy exploring alternate states of consciousness.

Edit: Well... and cigarettes.
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I drink very rarely, and I smoke weed. I suffer from no health impairments as a result and I'm not addicted. For example, I used to smoke weed about 4 days a week then id skip the next week and do another 4 days. And I havent had any weed for about 4 months now, and I'm seeking out some more at the moment.

If you haven't tried it,I reccomend you at least try it once. I'm going to Amsteram in July and I can't wait. Don't believe all the propoganda about weed, it's not harmless, smoking anything isn't good for you, but as long as you don't do it to often then you won't suffer in any way. Much like alcohol, smoking weed is just about as harmless as drinking (providing you don't smoke it with tobacco though.)

Set and setting is also important, do it with experienced friends. If someone tells you that you will suffer from brain damage, then that surely means that thousands of people in Holland have brain damage then? No? I think not

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