i just got myself a stratocaster for xmas, and during the time ive had it, ive pretty much mastered the basic chords, and im above average if not good on moveable chords, and that brings me to the question of

what should i learn next ?

and what should i learn if im tryin to get really good at hitting individual notes across the strings ?
Scales or exercises?
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A good song i found to get your fingers moving is Be like that by 3 doors down. It an easy song but it does take song practice to progress through it.
when you say theory, what does that mean exactly, please elaborate

and if i really want to get the fingers moving like ..................lets say hendrix style movement, then whats an exercise and/or scale i should practice on

BTW.......im not a super noob to string skipping, i can play the intro to the halo 2 theme , which really aint that hard

to top this all off, is there a certain order in which i should learn things, or does it not matter ?
yeah barre chords jazz chords um...scales and try some acdc solos they aren't extremely difficult but they sound awesome and should help. or just try blues scales whatever works
srry as for order it seems like you would want to expand your chord knowledge from what you've said but whatever order you want
Quote by fenderstrat730
i can play the intro to the halo 2 theme , which really aint that hard

Hmm... that quote tells a thousand tales imo.

Anyways, in answer to your first post just continue what you're doing mate, have fun and don't let yourself get too bogged down. Some of the suggestions here are great, if a little predictable, but as someone said ealier, find your own way at your own time. Time is on your side and there are 'other' things in life.
jus learn some minor pentatonic...there pretty easy....i like E.....if u want to learn how to make lil riffs or solo over an easy chord progression learn like G major....most of the chords in it are open.... G C D Em Am....jus get a buddy or a back track and put the scales to use.....cause us runnin up and down a scale all day is boring....and learn more complicated songs....dont be afraid to challenge urself.....usually easier then it sounds....
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