If my amp has no Effects Loop input, could I use a Line Out port for one instead? Because I read on another thread that it was possible on that particular model amp.
you might be able to if you have a line in as well. but I'm not sure, check your manual.
Do you really need one? I mean, it's just more cables to contend with and if you're amp isn't good enough to warrant having one, (not a stab at you or your amp, just saying) then do you really need an fx loop?
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Nah, it's just that I've got my eye on a delay pedal and I read it'll sound better through an FX loop, that's all, but my Roland Cube 60 has none.
^Push it between the guitar and amp?

otherwise, you're pretty much screwed.
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I was thinking about something similar too.

You can make an effects loop from the Line Out, but you'll most likely need another speaker or amp to plug the end of the effects loop into, so its pretty much a waste.

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I'm pertty sure that you could do that.
But it will sound like ass, because you'll only get the preamp signal, and it will sound nothing like your amp.
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just run it direct until you get an amp with an effects loop...

Also, the truth is that a lot of different effect products don't handle the fx loop well, even some delay models... So you might find that even when you do have a proper loop the particular delay pedal you have doesn't sound that well in the loop...
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