I've got a Crate Gtx212 crate amp and for some reason, the hum is unbearably loud. What I just discovered is that the hum doesn't exist when there's not a cord plugged into the amp. But when the guitar gets hooked up, it's extremely buzzy. And this is the clean channel by the way, I don't use the built-in distortion for that amp. You can't hear it when I'm playing during shows and stuff because the volumes louder but when I'm not playing, it's clearly heard. That and if I'm playing a smaller venue, it's a little distracting in between songs. Any help would be appreciated.
Erase the second Crate in "Crate GTX212 Crate amp" and you're good.

Too much drive perhaps?
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are you using singlecoils next to a computer or electronic stuff that makes a HUGE difference sometimes
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It's either a bad cable or 60 cycle hum from single coil pickups on your guitar.

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I'm having the same problem. At first I had my crate head plugged into my randall cab. It started humming shortly after I started using a new distortion pedal. So I plugged my guitar straight into my amp (on the clean channel) and still had the humming problem. I switch from my randall cab to my crate cab and it stopped humming. The next day I plugged in and it started humming again. So now I'm thinking it's my head. I switched cables and everything.