Im looking for a hollowbody guitar that's good for straight-ahead jazz, preferably under around 600, I like playing with a warm, mellow, jazzy tone (obviously no distortion). I'm looking at the Ibanez artcores and the epiphone sheraton II and some others. I would really like some input on other guitars to look at, brands, etc.. Im very appreciative of any help I can get. thanks.
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Try an epiphone Casino. Amazing cleans. I've had it and the only reason I sold it was that I was getting into technical stuff, and well come on its not meant for that. The only thing I gotta say to look out for is the upper fret access, dead after 17th, I think neck joint is at 15th, not sure though, look it up if you're interested. And obviously you can't use mad distortion. It's an excellent guitar if you're into Jazz though. I reccomend it.
I've recently started watching Dave Weiners Riff Of The Week on YouTube, and he had what I believe was an Ibanez art core. he just called it a 'jazz box' and it's an ibanez. heres a link to a video of him using it if you want to hear what it sounds like


the video he did right after it he uses it too.