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So me and by buddies were watching this video of the guitarist from killswitch getting nailed in the head with a micrphone while on the stage, and was bleeding pretty bad throughout the whole show... so it got me thinking, what other famous bands have sustained injuries while playing a live show (preferrably with a youtube video )

heres the vid.
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I know Herman Li fell off stage once.

So did Alexi Laiho.

Tool singer dropped that dude that got on stage.

James Hetfield getting burned.
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I was at a local show and a keyboarder/backing vocals hit himself in the face with the mic and broke his nose. That happened almost immeadiately after he kicked a girl in the front row in the face.

+1 to hetfield burn
Sid Wilson of Slipknot AKA DJ Starscream lit himself on fire a bunch.
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During practice once, my bass player was trying to act cool and headbang and I hit him in the face with sharp head of my washburn (accident maybe). Theres still a tiny bit of blood in my guitar, I think its kinda cool
James Hetfield getting burned sounds pretty bad.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
I have a good one, I was going to say Hetfield here in Montreal! But, Krist Noveselic of Nirvana got smacked when he threw his bass in the air!
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded

...Um, Dimebag getting shot?

The James Hetfield was pretty crazy too.
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The bassist from Taking Back Sunday got nailed in the face by Adam's mic.
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Pete Townsend impaling his hand on his whammy bar at a show in the 60's (I think it was the 60's anyway) he was doing his famous windmill arm thing but accidently caught the whammy bar and had to go to hospital to get it taken out.
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Dime getting shot.

^Damb, beaten to it.

I'd throw a bottle at panic at the disco too.
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Corey from SlipKnoT falling after saying "LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILY". Then shortly after say "That really f**king hurt"... classic
I accidentally split Frank Carters(from Gallows, you might not care for them) head open on stage. His fault though, really.
The members of Rammstein regularly get burned on stage by their pyrotechnics...but I suppose it doesn't really count with them, as they've admitted to enjoying the pain :|
Ace Frehley getting electricuted?
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I remember that

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I went to a Green Day and Jimmy Eat World show in my younger days.
About 30 seconds into JEWs 2nd song the lead guitarist (who was really "living" the moment) was head banging really hard and accidently stepped over the edge of the stage and into the air over the pit. He fell and cracked his head open. Had to be taken to the hospital. Although technically that was not "on" stage. I guess that is one of the drawbacks to headbanging.
Matt Bellamy was swinging his guitar round, let go of it and hit Dom in the face. He also tore his lip in two one time when he headbanged into his guitar head.

Iggy Pop got battered by a couple of bikers...
the krist Novoselic one is golden

edit: haha, someone posted it already
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Kurt's hair is so short there, it looks weird.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
Iggy Pop once impaled his chest on the stem of a broken wine glass
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pete wentz i think it was, or someone from Fall Out Boy, anyway, his hair caught on fire, and he said he "felt the power of the gods of rock" inside of him, and started headbanging and kept playing with his hair on fire. also, one of the My Chemical Romance guitarists was all getting into it and accidentally nailed the other guitarist right in the face with the head of his guitar, and they just played the rest of the concert with the one guitarists entire face completely drenched in blood. also, the singer of KISS said that one time he ran out on stage and it was raining and he slid on his feet to the edge of the stage and his toes just came over the edge as he started singing, and then the next night he tried it and slid right off.

i hate all three bands, but that's all i know of.
1st:dimebag and bullets 2nd: hetfield and thermite(yes there was thermite in there)

but I always thought Henry Rollins kneeing himself in the head, knocking himself out is the funniest I've heard.
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hehe my singer got smoked in the mouth with a microphone once. the ironic part was that he was going to pop a mouthful of blood capsules and spew them onto the people in the front.

(he refrained from spewing his own blood on the crowd..)
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Not exactly an injury, but pretty cool how Angus Young falling over on stage created one of the most awesome stage moves.
I have a friend and her dad was a drummer in some local. He had brain aneurysm and died on stage. It was some serious shit.
Dimebag got shot I believe. I think he died. Whether it was instantaneous and onstage I know not.
me and a bunch of friends were in an airband contest, doing a completely ridiculous impression of Korn. it was a mashup of Freak On A Leash and Right Now. during the breakdown phase we all ripped off our shirts and just went f*cking insane. our frontman threw his shirt into the audience. he intended to drop the mic before he threw the shirt, but somehow the mic got caught in his shirt, and it ended up acting like a sling.

it hit our bassist square in the temple, and knocked him clean out. the song ended pretty quick.
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Johnny Rioux of street dogs had a seizure halfway through their set when they came to Omaha.
Danny McCormack from the Wildhearts dislocated his kneecap one year at the Reading Festival. He went to hospital after he finished the set.
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When Keith Moon put too many explosives in his drum set and gave Pete tinnitus.

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Tom Delonge got hit in the face with a bottle, and kept on singing a split second after. As much as he's and ass, kudos.
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I know Herman Li fell off stage once.

So did Alexi Laiho.

Tool singer dropped that dude that got on stage.

James Hetfield getting burned.

That sounds awesome
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