Well, firstly. I am fixing to buy a Bass, and just got to thinking. "I wonder if it would be worth it to get a five string bass?" I found a good one for a reasonable price, but I need to know the pros and cons. How much harder is it? Is it worth it? Does equipment for a Bass work on both 5 string and 4 string models, or would I need a different kind of cable or amp? All these are things I have no clue about.

Another thing I've seen while reading tabs is a "(x)" which suposedly means you should play a "ghost note"... I have no clue what that is. Would someone enlighten me? D:
You can keep the same cable and amp for any bass =]

And it really depends on what genre you play for whether to use a 4 or 5 string.
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Anything from classic rock to worship music to nu metal. I worship the ground Skillet walks on, so that's why I was considering a 5 string bass >__>;
the only time you would really need to get new equipment for a bass change is if you're going to drop tune epic proportions

like the dark wizard bass goes all the way down to F# and they say you need an amazing rig to fully convey that F#

but for the most part, no, you will be fine
But as far as learning to play, everything is the same? It's no harder or easier?
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But as far as learning to play, everything is the same? It's no harder or easier?

Well slapping my be a little harder to learn since the strings are closer together but once you do get it you'll be able to slap really accurately so no; no disadvantage.
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Get a 5 string or a 6 string if you feel you need higher or deeper range. There's no special things needed for it aside from different string packs. They can be harder to slap on because of string spacing. You should really only get one if you feel you need to extend your range otherwise the string will just sit there unused.

Ghost notes are notes played with less emphasis or lighter.