phenominal music.

what is the name of the song he did with Brian Eno?
its a really chilled out, warm backing track with a man's voice speaking about a village that divides in two once it gets too large, and neither side knowing who will live in the new village..
the blog i found the MP3 in called it "Rhubarb and Villages" but i can't find any info about it online, which leads me to believe that isn't the proper title.
I don't know what song that is, but I just wanted to say that Aphex Twin is awesome. And so is Chris Cunningham.

That's all.
Aphex Twin. First heard about him when I was watching Goddess Bunny. I love Come To Daddy.
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Swan Song
A Story by the Earl of Slander
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come to daddy and window licker rule, but i agree, amazing music
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