Should i get the M-II w/ Duncans and maple fretboard, or M-II with Emgs and rosewood fretboard?
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Why not get whichever you prefer..?

If you want either uber clean/uber high gain with clarity, then maybe the EMG version.
If you want many more tones, the Duncan one.

But that's just a basic guide.
Well, personally I'd go for maple, but it's all up to you.
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Maple necks are better, smoother, faster, and cleaner! I think Duncans sound better than EMG's. You get the nice cleans along with the heavy. And whats best, if you can make a Seymour Duncan kick an EMG's ass, that makes you the ultimate metal machine! Dimebag didn't bother with that active rubbish...he was the real deal!! HA!
You should get neither and get an ESP Circuit V Panther signature guitar

But seriously, I'd go maple + duncans.
Passive pickups AND a maple board
Though I'm rpetty sure it's only available in black ¬_¬
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Well, personally I'd go for maple, but it's all up to you.

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I vote Ducan's and maple, but it's up to you. Which one do you like the best?
omfg like totally get EMGz if you want deh br00tal1tY. oh wait, you don't even have a half-stack.. hmm, easy decision.
It's all about feel
Neither. You should get the Horizon FR-II with EMG 81/85 and a mahogany body. EMG + mahogany = sex.
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