I am in a band and I am the only guitarist. I was wondering how to create a solos based around a chord progression without actually playing over chords since I don't have a rhythm guitarist. I know how to make good solos by making sure to focus on the notes of the chords i'm playing over but i'm lost on what to do when I am not playing over chords. any tips?
Pretend the chords are still there. The bass player plays a huge roll in this as well.
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Record the chords, or put them in Guitar Pro or Power tab or something, and play along with it.
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So basically make the solo over a chord progression and it will still sound good without the chords there.
Learn the chord tones, emphasise them so you can hear the changes as you solo.

Learn about arpeggios.

If you have to ask this question I suspect you are trying to run before you can walk.
I didn't ask about what notes to play I was asking what to do when I wasn't playing over a chord progression.
You said based around a chord progression, just with no one physically playing the chords. Therefore, arpeggios, chord tones on downbeats...etc.