Hey guys, just bought a new fender american standard strat, sounds awesome, but im thinking about putting in some good pickups. i play mostly blues and blues rock, im looking at some lace sensor hot golds, the lace sensor pack with red, blue and silver, fender custom shop 69, or fender texas specials, what are your guys opinions on these, any other advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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I'm going to put RockMonkeyGuitars.com pickups up on the table. 10% discount for UGers.

If you want real vintage tone, Cord is the man. He really has an ear for tone, and can help you nail that tone in your head.

Bump. Honestly, he's right up there with Lindy Fralin.
Sincerely, Chad.
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I put a set of Stephens Design 64 Stagger Strat Mojos in and they are just incredible. A strong vintage tone with a good amount of quack. They respond to different styles of play brilliantly. I havent tried the RockMonkeyGuitar pickups, or Lindy Fralin to compare but I would guess that all three are top notch and a big improvement from stock.
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Strat pickups. Totally vintage tone, nailed the exact tone I wanted from my neck and middle pickup.

Oh i meant what model strat pickups did you get?
Oh, okay. I got a 1962 Smooth Groove in the neck, with a custom Swinging Hot in the middle with a coil tap. Then I have a bridge pickup I got from him that I'm about to put in...It's a Smooth Groove Custom Extra Warm.

I can't wait til I get the PAFs from him.
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yea i was looking at both suggested kinds of pickups and im thinking of putting a set of the smooth groove custom extra warms in but the sd's digg got sound good too, damn cant choose lol