First post. Great site. I'll keep it brief.

I am in the midst of replacing a pickup. It's a Seymour Duncan humbucker, 4 wire.

I have a DPDT on/off/on switch, and want to make it series/off/parallel. The last pickup was wired series/off/split, so I can't just wire it the way it was. I have searched the internet hi and low for diagrams, tried some, and they have still had the split in the off position.

Please help. I am losing my mind and have the solder gun fired up as I write this. I just need a quick diagram or explanation. Thanks!
Thanks, VOS. It looks like I'll need a 3 pole switch to do what I want. To the music store...

I have the AD60VT. Love it.
Hey, no problem, glad I could help. Yeah, I love that amp.
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