so maybe you guys could answer this for me. i dont understand the difference between a varitne and a ytone knob. dont they both just cut specific frequencies. im considering putting a varitone into my guitar but i cant decide if its worth it or not compard to a higher (1 meg) pot and a diff cap in it.
The varitone lets you choose which cap you want to use to cut the higher frequencies. It's all about preference. With a regular tone pot, you have one cap (generally) and you can cut the amount that that cap is letting you. You're stuck with that, but with the varitone, you have more options.
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From what Ive read most who have the varitone dont like to use it. And prefer a tone knob. You can always combine the 2 ideas a tone pot with a switch to use 2 or more caps.
you could use a push/pull knob and have it use a different capacitor when you pull it up.
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