is a Les Paul versatile b/c i love to play metal but lately i have started to play hard rock and grunge. i was just wondering if i would be wasteing my time getting a LP. i have about 700 dollars
I would say an LP is pretty versatile because it has humbuckers which are good for metal, hard rock, and grunge. But you might want something a little more "metal" with 24 frets and a floyd rose or something. Because i know some metalheads who bought gibsons/epis like les pauls and sgs and were dissapointed later on that they didn't get some thing with 24 frets and a floyd rose
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For $700, an LP Custom probably would suit your needs with a pickup change possibly or an OD(if you have a tube amp) or distortion pedal.
They are versatile guitars but they dont play metal very well, atleast for the way i play. The best thing would be to play one and see if its works for everything
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