guitar, hbu?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I could improvise on a 4 bar Blues, I could play Cowboys from Hell and then I realized I wanted to develop my own voice so I stopped learning people's songs. My skills have diminished but my identity improved.
Dude, seriously, the GGA thread?

Try the Searchbar thread.
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Depends what genre? Metal - Enter Sandman, not perfectly, just enough to get by.
Iggy Pop - Search and Destroy
Guns N Roses - Mr Brownstone
Faith No More - Epic
The Doors - People Are Strange
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
System of a Down - Aerials
The White Stripes - Ball and A Biscuit
Soudgarden - Rusty Cage
Pearl Jam - Alive (If you practise alot)
Chilli's - Scar Tissue
The Pixies - Where is my Mind

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well, i sure as hell couldnt play a solo!
I could play some exotic rush type chords.
But other than that, nothing cool.
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I could play Hotel California on Acoustic. That was my big thing seeing I couldn't play an electric at the time. Or wasn't allowed to, is more like it.
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