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OKay so i have this huge huge project that counts for like all of my grade. And i just started tonight, and it's due tomorrow. CRAP!!!! i'll post if i actually finish it (ya right)

share all ur last minute expieriences

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howzabout you stop making threads and go do your project.
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Maybe we can help you. What do you have to do?

I myself am finishing up a rather large math project due tuesday. It's all good though, it was pretty easy AND I connected it to the flying V. Awwwwwwww yeah.
I had a 50 page business studies coursework when I was in year 11. I had been given like 2 years to do it, and I did it all with a week to go. I got 62 out of 62. Woo A*.
I have a sociology paper due tomorrow.

Thank god sociology is the easiest course in the world... Now to find out wtf its about...
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and yet you spend your time in the pit. you, my friend, have strange study habbits
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You dont deserve to pass. seriously. If you were a good student you would have started ASAP instead of wasting hours in the pit. get off of UG now and go do your f*cking project.
I have a (at least) 6 page history paper due tomorrow. It's on American Reconstruction following the Civil War. I haven't started it
I'll have to stay up until like 2:00 am to finish it, but I'll probably end up getting 100% because that's always what happens when I put stuff off until the last minute
I do this a lot...all nighters are not fun.
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Hell, I've done entire 5 page essays in school ON THE DAY IT WAS DUE and gotten an A+, you should be alright.
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i got a project due tomorrow 2 that am doing to night
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There's no better way to do a project, man.

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i have a speech due tomorrow worth 10% of my english mark. havent started yet...

Whats it about?
i have a social studies project due last friday that i haven't started yet
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I once wrote an eight page paper the night before it was due.

I got an A.

Regardless, don't do that. I was up until 4am.
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i have a speech due tomorrow worth 10% of my english mark. havent started yet...

Well might I suggest starting?
I have Probability (doing it right now) and Modern geometry homework, and I have 3 tests this week and I haven't studied.
every single piece of work i have done this year at uni has been finished early.
I got into writing papers at the last minute in a couple of classes during grad school. I did fine but man those all nighters take the p!ss out of you after a couple of months. I literally did nothing for like a week after the winter semester of 2003; just f'en brutal. Doing things at the last minute is not a good idea, as it messes with your stress level and the work you put out is generally inferior to what you would do with more time. I never bought into people who say they do better work at the last minute.
I do that all the time.
I think I have done one long term project done before the day it's due.
Yea, I've got 5 projects to do.
One's due at the end of this week.
Two are due next week.
One's due in about 3 months.
And the other involves photoshopping an ancient artwork to bring in into modern times
Work likes to get a project and sit on it until the last minute. Then they'll come down and tell me "oh the commander wanted this project done 2 days ago."

It's crap when the project is something like submitting a troop up for a high level award. That happened to my boss...
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you had a massive assignment due tomorrow, that you hadn't started until now. Now, what the hell were you doing in the Pit?
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in 8th grade they give us a science project to work on throughout the year (usually spending some class time on it too) well i managed to BS my way through the class work and not accomplish anything but made the teacher think i did. anyway 2 days before it's due i finally get around to starting it and i ended up getting a perfect score on it. it sucks cramming 3 months worth of work into 2 days but when it ends up being one of the better projects in the class it makes it worth it.
I've been sitting on a ****ing computer chair for 3 hours now, and have one hour 'til loads of math homework is to be done.

I was gonna start 2-5 hours ago, but everything snowballed when I found youtube :C
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