Hello everyone,

For the past month i have viewed many posts on Anchoring and how its so horrible, and now im trying to find out if i anchor or not. In every post there seems to be a different opnion of what anchoring is. From what ive observed most people say its when you use your pinky and or other fingers on your picking hand for support i.e. holding them against the body. I dont do this while playing so i dident think that i anchored. However other people have also stated that resting your hand on the bridge of the guitar is anchoring as well, and im a culprit of doing this, but is it REALLY anchoring, or do they just not know what there talking about? I've tried playing without having my hand on the bridge and i've noticed that my accuracy has decreased dramaticly, as well as my speed. It's also very uncomfortable. If this is indeed anchoring i will do my best to stop(only been playing for 1 year and 3 months) but is what im doing wrong? I need to get this cleared up so i can go back to practicing again(and doing it the right way). Hopefully you guys know what your talking about Thanks!!
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stick with whatever works for your playing, and is comfortable, everyone has there own technique
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Exactly. I anchor, and I'm pretty fast. Well compared to my friends w/e that's not the point. The point is that I'm advancing at a decent level, and I feel that anchoring is not holding me back at all. As long as you feel comfortable while doing it, do it. Lots of great guitarists do it. I've see Jason Becker, Petrucci do it, hell, have you seen the way Marty Friedman holds his pick? So, if you're comfortable, do whatever.
Don't push down on the bridge of your guitar with your hand. If you can freely move your hand while it's touching the bridge with no tension then you shouldn't really be worried. Also you can work on your muting techniques by having your hand slightly mute strings after you pick then if you rest your hand slightly on the bridge.
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