Hey everybody,

Sorry to bother you in a brand new post simply to pose a question, but here goes.

I want to make music using a program. I don't want to use a guitar or anything, I want to program the music with and only with the computer.

I know theres stuff out there, I have Guitar Pro, which works really well but the sounds of the instruments aren't up to par with what I'm looking for. I want some pretty good sounds.

Anyways, what is this I want to do called? Is it sequencing, or sampling? I'm not sure the terminology for using the computer to create my sounds..

I play metal, so I really need some heavily distorted guitar options. Please, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated

Garage band?
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This is made more difficult by the fact that you are wanting to make rock and metal. If you were wanting to make electronica, or ambient, or even pop or hip hop, then it would be a lot easier.

In terms of guitar sounds, I think you'll have a hard job finding some convincing ones, especially without spending a boat load of cash. How much budget do you have at your disposal?
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Bah, a few hundred dollars.

Ok, so after some research not many programs give a defined guitar sound. What about an Audio Interface? A thing i can connect my guitar to? If I do this, can I model it to make it sound metal, rather than running my pedals to my guitar before running it into the Audio Interface? Also, will I be able to add drums/synths? I kind of want to make the full band sound.
Firstly, why don't you want to use your pedals ?

Secondly, it sounds like the Line 6 Toneport stuff might be just what you are looking for. For drums, you can buy something like EZ drummer, or use the excellent free drum plugin at www.bluenoise.no.
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Not sure i understand what exactly you want.

Are you going to play the guitar at all?...or are you looking for guitar sounds/loops or something?...or are you looking for something to drastically change your guitar sound by using a program?

Guitar rig 2 has a free demo for 30 days however you can only use it for 30 minutes a day...not sure if this is what you are looking for or not because you will still have to actually play guitar...they came out with guitar rig 3 so you can probably buy guitar rig 2 for $300 or $400 however im stll not sure if this is what you are looking for...I recommend trying the demo though.

i really like guitar rig however its out of my price range right now...i think its won a bunch of awards and stuff.

Guitar rig 2 google images.

If your looking for actual metal guitar loops/sounds then you should download mixcraft 4 free trial...7 day trial...its $65 to buy....loop library is where you will find metal style guitar sounds.
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