but, Crybaby
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded

Bad Horsie
Now it's 1984
Knock knock at your front door
It's the suede denim secret police
They have come for your un-cool niece
535Q all the way, I have the Dime Wah which is based on the 535Q both are excellent wahs.

The Bad Horsie 2 is more of a "wowow" effect. I find it lacks the rhythmic quality of the 535Q/Dime.

It's probably good for solos but forget trying to get any funky vintage wahs out of it.

You can get any sound out of the Dime/535Q.
This is going to be a fan boy fest.

How much do you want to bet that 90% of the people haven't tried both out and yet will choose one over the other.
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Wrong, the Bad Horsie 2 can get vintage wah tones

How it works is if you just step on it without hitting the button on the left, you are using it with Steve Vai's fav. setting, which gives the "wowow"

If you hit the button on the left and then step on it, it will be using the setting you can customize with the level controls and contour controls, which can create ANY wah tone you can think of.
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I'm going to use the wah pedal for solos, and I like that the Bad Horsie does not have an on off switch.
I think both pedals have versatility but I'm leaning towards the Bad Horsie (I heard some soundsamples)
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I'd say the Bad Horsie, although it does take up a fair bit of pedal board real estate.

(it's 9.13" (l) X 5.88" (w) )

I dont use much pedals so I guess that wouldnt matter for now
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I use Zakk Wylde's wah but out of the two you posted i'd go for the bad horsie
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