ill crit as i listen.
some cool stuff with the drums at the start, but they seemed a little off.
nice guitar solo, some stuf like john 5 in there. backing is solid, if standard.
vocals, lyrics borrow a lot from guns and roses (your my serpentine, in particular) otherwise they are pretty good. doesnt really sound like the singer is using his own voice, more like he is trying to mimic someone else's style, just make him let it rip, get some power behind the vocals.
ok, great little solo here. nice tone and accuracy. few bends could be more in tune. i like that dueling feel. last note of the last solo needs some more sustain, it just dies.
nice ending.
good song, has all the right peices. not like i know how, but in the mixing try to get a more powerful driveing sound.

crit some of the stuff in my sig? thanks