so im thinking about what my next amp is going to be, initially i was thinking about going with a carvin v3. when i played it it sounded great and the versatility is a huge factor for me. but then i saw the mesa lonestar and its cleans were so unbelievable i started reconsidering the v3,then i heard the mesa stiletto and it sounds amazing, good cleans/ marshally crunch.

now im in a bind. does anyone have experience with these two mesas. any recommendations?
If versatility is a huge factor for you, check out the Mark IV. I don't play any metal and it's been my main amp for about 10 years. The Stiletto and Lonestar are also excellent in their own rights, although I'd have to say the Stiletto wins in the versatility dept.
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The Road King can really do a lot besides metal. Even though it does it quite well...
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i really don't have the money for a road king. the stiletto and lonestar come up to just about over $1000 used. thats my limit.

although road kings are phenomenal.
mark IV?
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^ haha, nice. i mean i love to riff out some slayer, pantera, lamb of god. but i am primarily looking for a warm, gritty, shimmery clean tone.