one the first one: sounds good. maybe shorten up the intro, it seemed like it took a long while to get to the action. and while you are going fast around1:12 and on, i say work on that part. most of it sounded good, but some of it sounded a bit akward.

as for the second:awesome intro, maybe lower the pitch a little bit. your guitar sounds a little off. maybe try eqing it or something. after 1:00 i say work on it a little more, just like the first song, it sounds awkward at times.
overall nice job mate

crit? http://youtube.com/watch?v=TXQwcEctWlA
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im going to say most of the same things here,
first song needs to get to the point earlier. good playing on the guitar solo. i didnt really go for some of the atonal stuff near the beginning, but i liked it anyways. did you have anyproblems keeping a consistent volume during recording, or is that on purpose

second. cool vibe here, the guitar riff is a sludgey though. the pinging part is nice. i didnt really like the constant hissing sound. again, some pretty cool trippy stuff in the solo. id recomend making your atonal, chromatic parts shorter, more as passing notes or a quick build up, rather than whole sections.
good work, not really what i normally listen to but nice.

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