i posted this in gear building but idk if that was the right forum, and no one answered. so im putting it here.

okay. so. right now i have a warwick rockbass corvette. 2 jazz pickups, active, 4 knobs. ive been wanting to put some new pickups in it for some time now, just because i love the bass and think i could make it sound even better.

ive been thinking about these


would these work for my bass? are they any good? should i try to install them myself or take it to a shop?

one more thing, the inside electronics including the input jack are alllllll screwed up. if i got new pickups would they come with like replacement electronics and an input jack or would i have to take care of that separately?

thanks in advance.

edit: idk how UG feels about rockbasses, but if you guys dont like it please dont post about it, doesnt help. but that probably wont stop you guys anyway
When I clicked the link, I was just taken to the Musician's Friend main page.

As for the replacement electronics (as in wires and the like), I'm not 100% sure since I've never replaced my pickups, but I'm going to have to guess "no." And I'd take it to a shop... if there's other stuff that's messed up, it might be best to have someone who really knows what they're doing look at it, even if it'll cost you a little extra cash.

By the way, nothing wrong with Rock Basses. They're not Warwicks, but they are still quite good. Personally, I love the MEC pickups in my Corvette though. I would never dream about replacing those bad boys.
2006 Warwick
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Pickups won't come with a jack and preamp - you'd have to sort that out separately.

Without criticising Rockbass (no need to be on the defensive already!) pickups are one of the later things to tweak when you're totally satisfied with the more major parts of your setup - your amp and speakers make a much bigger difference for example. Are you at the stage where you've got the setup you want and you're just tweaking and refining it, or are you looking at how much money you've got and looking at what you can do with it?